Blogger Spotlight: Molly McWilliams Wilkins

Molly Collage

Ever since I started this blog, even before finding the editorial line that best suited me, I wanted to do a blogger spotlight series, for I think there is an abundance of excellent bloggers out there that deserve a shot out . And I’m honored to start it with the multi-talented Molly McWilliams Wilkins who besides succesfully running the blog “Make It Work Molly” owns The Hyperion Group a Public Relations company that strives to provide their clients with innovative campaigns. And of course, she’s a mom, and that’s without doubt her fave side of them all.

If you’re not already an avid reader of her blog, you will end up devouring her posts after checking this little interview, specially if you’re an entrepeneur or are considering to start your own business. Enjoy!

Every blogger has a different story on how they got started blogging. What is yours? 

Oh gosh, I tried blogging several different times over the years and I would drop the blog shortly after starting it.

It was after freelance writing for several publications, and establishing my own fashion column for a few years in a local magazine, that I thought starting a fashion blog as a spin off from my column would be a good idea. I was restricted to writing only about local advertisers, and this would allow me to write about what I wanted.

The blog would eventually grow in to writing about other topics, and I added other writers, guest bloggers, and syndicated columns/blogs. And somewhere along the way I started selling ads, too.

What are some of the topics you write about on your blog?

 Ha- just about everything. Mostly fashion and beauty stuff, but a lot of it is on local events, charitable stuff, but I also cover parenting topics. My mom writes an art lesson blog (she’s a retired art teacher). I have friends who write about cooking, parenting, and interns who cover events and other fashion. I also have pulled some syndicated blogs (like yours) from the Lucky Portal.

 Tell us about your fashion sense and how it has changed throughout the years? 

Oh gosh- I had zero fashion sense until about middle school.  My style is constantly evolving, I’m generally a rather classic girl (suits, black dresses, formal dresses) but once I switched jobs to the digital world- and even once I started working for myself- it’s taken another twist. When it’s warm outside I’ll wear a sundress and flats and a blazer if I have meetings. But I’ve started doing the “dress up shorts” suit thing, too. I’m trying to get more “edge” in my style 😉

Which season consists of your favorite trends and styles? 

Generally the spring- I love the light weight fabrics and bright colors emerging from the cold.

Which item from your wardrobe can you not live without and why? 

Um- that’s hard. I’d say high waisted jeans (having two kids pretty much permanently jacked up my waist line and I’m not at the point of wanting surgery yet) – Joe Jeans are my fav. And knee high boots. A cute pair of flats (because I’m generally carrying my purse and laptop bag). BCBG heels- right now my pink ombre ones. My Louis Vuitton. And all of my Tibi formal dresses. And Tiffany’s jewelry.

What other interests you have besides fashion and blogging? 

Being an awesome mommy to my kids!! I’m in to the arts, I write a lot, and I paint and do photography. And I own a marketing and PR business: The Hyperion Group. I do a lot of social media work.

How do you monetize your blog and your brand?

 Gosh, I reach out to people I have a relationship with and sell locally. I’m a big believer in building relationships that way.

What would make you choose to work with a brand on a giveaway campaign on your site? 

If I believe in the quality of their product or I think my audience would like it.

How do you use social media, and what role does it play in your blogging life? 

Well, it’s part of my profession. And I did it as part of a job for a local TV station, too. I use it to speak directly to my audience as if they were in front of me and let a lot of my personality come through.

If you had to mentor a new blogger, what is your go-to advice to become successful?

 Be honest and be yourself. Use as many other platforms to promote yourself as possible- like write a column in your hometown or get a radio show. Realize that you won’t be paid for any of these things until you get an audience which justifies your worth. And do what you love ‘because if you don’t- the free work will suck and it won’t pay off eventually.


** Pictures by Molly McWilliams Wilkins & Collaborators.


Tips To Show Your Shoes Some Love


I recently had a few days off and decided it was time for me, to finally, organize my  shoes; so, as I was deciding which pairs was I going to keep and which ones were going to become donations, I noticed that most pairs needed some extra love and being the google addict that I am, ended up browsing for the best tricks to protect my investment, after all shoes do cost money and the smartest thing to do is to make sure they last and look in the best condition possible.

Below you are going to find a list of those methods I tried myself and worked wonders on my footwear:

  • Remove scuff marks on shoes by rubbing with a baking-soda paste.
  • Use petroleum jelly to shine leather shoes. Apply with a soft cloth, wipe off the excess, and buff with a clean cloth.
  • Use a light coating of spray starch on new fabric tennis shoes before wearing them — dirt can’t become embedded in the canvas, and the shoes will always be easy to clean.
  • Clean the rubber on athletic shoes with baking soda sprinkled on a sponge or washcloth.
  • Use lemon juice to clean and shine black or tan leathers. Apply with a soft cloth.
  • To keep shoes shiny after you’ve polished them, spray them with hair spray.
  • Hand lotion can be used to shine shoes. Just put a dab on each shoe, rub in with your fingers, and buff.
  • Use a soft cloth dipped in vinegar to shine a pair of patent-leather shoes or any patent-leather item.
  • Shoes that are starting to smell can be helped by sprinkling with a little salt. Let it sit overnight. The salt will help control moisture, which contributes to odors.
  • Keep smelly feet at bay by sprinkling baking soda into shoes to control odor and moisture

I’d like to read some of your tips to care for footwear, please share them on the comments.


Recientemente tuve unos días de descanso y decidí que era el momento, finalmente, , organizar mis zapatos; así que mientras estaba decidía con qué pares qué pares conservaría y cuáles donaría, me di cuenta de que, la mayoría de zapatos  necesitaban un poco de cuidado extra y, siendo la adicta a google que soy, terminaré buscando los mejores trucos para proteger a mi inversión, después de que todos los zapatos cuestan dinero y lo más inteligente es asegurarse de duren y luzcan lo mejor posible.

A continuación encontrarán una lista de los métodos que probé por mí misma, e hicieron maravillas en mi calzado:

  • Quite las marcas de desgaste en los zapatos, frotándolos con una pasta de bicarbonato de soda.
  • Utilice vaselina para limpiar zapatos de cuero. Aplique con una tela suave, limpie el exceso, y pula con un paño limpio.
  • Utilice una ligera capa de almidón en aerosol en los zapatos tenis nuevos, (de tela), antes de usarlos. Esto evitará que la suciedad se incruste en la tela, ayudará a que limpiar sus zapatos sea siempre fácil.
  • Limpie las suelas de los zapatos deportivos con bicarbonato de sodio, utilizando una esponja o una toallita.
  • Utilice jugo de limón para limpiar y pulir cuero negro o marrón. Aplique con un paño suave.
  • Para mantener los zapatos brillantes después de haberlos lustradoo, rocíelos con spray para el cabello.
  • La crema humectante para manos y cuerpo puede servir para lustrar zapatos de cuero. Sólo hay que poner una gota en cada zapato, y frotar con los dedos.
  • Utilice un paño suave humedecido en vinagre para pulir un par de zapatos de charol o, cualquier otro artículo de charol.
  • Los zapatos que están empezando a tener mal olor pueden ser curados rociándolos con un poco de sal. Deje reposar durante la noche. La sal ayudará a controlar la humedad, lo que contribuye a los olores desagradables.
  • Mantenga el mal olor en los pies a raya, rociando bicarbonato de sodio en los zapatos para controlar el olor y la humedad.

Me gustaría leer algunos de sus tips para cuidar de su calzado, por favor compartánlos en los comentarios.

GIVEAWAY Zerouv $20 Gift Card!

giveaway Collage


A few days ago I ran a poll on the blog ’cause I was curious about your summer essentials; turns out sunglasses were the item most of you couldn’t survive this sweltering weather without.

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Let There Be Perfection

thy collage

I am very pleased with the more professional projects , both on the editorial and the fashion field,  local creators have presented lately ; which is why I was thrilled last week attending a very special event where THY MAG and Alexander Ayala showcased their recent body of work.

Being a journalist and having worked on print media myself I am very picky when it comes to anything related to this type of ventures but I’m also quick to recognize when I am presented with a well executed piece. Therefore I find necessary to point that, with only one previous issue under their belt the editors over at THY MAG have managed to produce a well rounded publication, and unlike most trend-oriented magazines they have dodged the stigma of just being “a pretty collection of advertorials and publicity”, their texts are concise and offer a fresh point of view on subjects such as fashion and interior design, among others; of course there is room for improvement but I am looking forward to witness how this crowd will go about making THY MAG grow. If you are in Guatemala City and haven’t yet gotten your copy of their issue # 2  go check their distribution points and snatch one before they are all gone.

As for NOBODY, Alexander Ayala‘s newest collection, I’m gonna start by confessing that throughout the entire runway I had to fight the urge to run backstage to grab everything I could before escaping and, starting my new life as Guatemala’s best dressed fugitive. Despite being what some may call “a young designer” Alexander’s creations show maturity from the thought process to the ellaboration of the garments.

Since NOBODY is primarily inspired by some of humanity’s deepest obsessions:  immortality,  the future of mankind and the illnesses that may afflict us; Alexander was faced with a difficult task translating these concepts. But he went about this challenge beautifully,  mastering the monochromatic palette and, the use of now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t fabrics. From see through tunics to arab inspired leggings each piece from this collection can stand by its own and has the potential to become your “go to” apparel thanks to its versatility.

P.S. Did I mention that my favorite were the men’s clothes and that I would totally pair them with my Dr. Martens?


Estoy bastante complacida con, los cada vez más profesionales, proyectos que los creadores locales han presentado últimamente, tanto en el campo editorial como en el de la moda; por lo que me entusiasmó asistir la semana pasada a un evento muy especial donde THY MAG y Alexander Ayala mostraron su reciente trabajo. 

Siendo periodista y habiendo trabajado en medios impresos soy muy exigente cuando se trata de este tipo de empresas, pero, también soy rápida para reconocer cuando me es presentada una pieza bien ejecutada. Por lo tanto, me parece necesario señalar que, con sólo un número anterior en su haber los editores en THY MAG han logrado producir una publicación muy completa y, a diferencia de la mayoría de las revistas de tendencias han esquivado el estigma de ser sólo “una linda colección de publirreportajes y publicidad “, sus textos son concisos y ofrecen un punto de vista fresco sobre temas como la moda y el diseño de interiores, entre otros. Por supuesto, hay espacio para mejorar, pero ansío presenciar cómo este equipo hará crecer THY MAG. Si están en la ciudad de Guatemala y todavía no ha obtenido su copia de la edición # 2 les recomiendo acercarse a uno de sus puntos de distribución antes de que se agoten.

En cuanto a NOBODY, la nueva colección de Alexander Ayala, empezaré por confesar que durante toda la pasarela tuve que luchar contra el impulso de correr detrás del escenario para tomar todo lo que pudiese antes de escapar e, iniciar mi nueva vida como la fugitiva mejor vestida de Guatemala. A pesar de ser lo que algunos llaman “un joven diseñador ” las creaciones de Alexander muestran madurez desde el proceso de concepción hasta la elaboración de las prendas.

Debido a que NOBODY está inspirada principalmente por algunas de las obsesiones más profundas de la humanidad: la inmortalidad, el futuro de la raza humana y las enfermedades que podrían afligirnos; Alexander tenía una tarea difícil traduciendo estos conceptos. Sin embargo manejó este desafío bastante bien, logrando dominar el uso de una paleta monocromática y, telas  ala “ahora -lo- ves -ahora- no-lo-ves”. Desde las túnicas transparentes a  los leggings inspiradas en la estética árabe, cada pieza de esta colección se destaca por si sola y tiene el potencial de convertirse en “prendas de cabecera” gracias a su versatilidad. 

PD ¿Ya les dije que mis favoritas fueron las prendas para hombre y que sin duda las usaría con mis  Dr. Martens?




MV Launches Spring-Summer Lookbook

lookbook MV
There are fashion brands that one can easily feel connected with, whether they are the staples our personal style has been shaped around or, up-and-coming lines that are starting to become their own empires; MV is the latter, and its head designer Mynor Véliz recently made public their lookbook for the Spring-Summer 2014 season.

Consisting of dresses, skirts, T-shirts, blouses and a hoodie, the lookbook offers prints that evoque a rock-star-type-of-vibe and perfectly styles them with headpieces made out of flowers which provide the outfits with a delicate yet non obvious femininity; MV also hints their upcoming shoe collection and cleverly uses the accesories they’re well known for without having them overpower the ensembles.

If you wanna get your mitts on any of these pieces you can reach MV either via facebook or twitter

Hay marcas de moda con las que el público fácilmente puede sentirse conectado, ya sean aquellas esenciales, alrededor de las cuales nuestro estilo personal se ha formado, o líneas emergentes que recién inician a convertirse en sus propios imperios; MV entra en la segunda categoría y, recientemente su diseñador en jefe Mynor Véliz hizo públicas las imágenes del lookbook para la temporada Primavera-Verano 2014.

Compuesto por vestidos, faldas, T-shirts, blusas y una sudadera con capucha, el lookbook ofrece estampados que evocan un aura digna de una estrella de rock y las refina con diademas hechas con flores lo que provee a los atuendos de una delicada, sin que esta sea demasiado obvia, femineidad; MV además nos da un adelanto de, su próxima a salir, línea de calzado e ingeniosamente utiliza su ya memorable repertorio de accesorios, sin que estos abrumen la indumentaria.

Si quieren hacerse de alguna de estas prendas pueden contactar a MV ya sea vía facebook o twitter.

Fotos: Astrid Morales de Blue Fotografía
Modelo: Ana Lucía Valladares
Styling: Mynor Véliz
Asistencia: Suhell Ramirez

Time to move on!



After a lot of months of having forgotten about this blog I have finally figured out what I wanna do with it, so…it’s time to move on! which is why I wanted to do something symbolic to mark this new phase in this project and the best idea I could come up with at 3:00 a.m. was getting my own domain, for now on you will always be able to find me here, at:  http//

Luego de varios meses de haberme olvidado de este blog finalmente he descifrado que es lo que quiero hacer con él, así que…¡es tiempo de avanzar! por lo tanto, quise hacer algo simbólico para marcar esta nueva fase del proyecto, y la mejor idea que tuve a las 3:00 de la mañana fue conseguir mi propio hosting, de ahora en adelante siempre podrán encontrarme acá, en: http//