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I might dream about this headpiece every night for the rest of my life, or until I decide to spend the USD$300 to order it from: http://www.etsy.com/shop/MissGDesignsShop

Bien podría soñar con esta pieza, cada noche por el resto de mi vida o, hasta que me decida a gastar los USD$300 que cuesta mandar a hacerla en esta tienda:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/MissGDesignsShop



Time to move on!



After a lot of months of having forgotten about this blog I have finally figured out what I wanna do with it, so…it’s time to move on! which is why I wanted to do something symbolic to mark this new phase in this project and the best idea I could come up with at 3:00 a.m. was getting my own domain, for now on you will always be able to find me here, at:  http//:dirtylittlestylist.com

Luego de varios meses de haberme olvidado de este blog finalmente he descifrado que es lo que quiero hacer con él, así que…¡es tiempo de avanzar! por lo tanto, quise hacer algo simbólico para marcar esta nueva fase del proyecto, y la mejor idea que tuve a las 3:00 de la mañana fue conseguir mi propio hosting, de ahora en adelante siempre podrán encontrarme acá, en: http//:dirtylittlestylist.com



The #WearingToday posts are back!, and today I’m happy to dedicate this space to something most of us love and dream about: yes! shoes. So let’s drool over the footwear  girls around the globe are gracing nowadays.

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… and myself www.twitter.com/DirtyLilStylist

Thanks for sharing ladies 🙂

Coming out of my shell


I’ve left the blog unattended for so long that I really felt like apologizing to everyone for being such a procastinator; but I also wanted to use this post as a thank you note to a group of amazing people that without them even knowing it have helped me to overcome some of my most recurring insecurities regarding my looks and have become my friends so, please pardon the display of mushiness ahead.

And here I go: Thank you Dianita for encouraging me to start this blog and for being such a great person, thanks a lot to Karol for being my sponsor and my shopping partner, thanks Monica for your patience and for always having been so nice to me, thanks Mynor for the style advice, the talks and the coffee, thank you Steph for showing that sweet, strong-willed girls still exist. Believe it or not I wouldn’t be posting pictures of myself if it weren’t for you all. I mean, for long enough I’ve felt like the ugly duckling, (I know! hard to believe when I come off as an extroverted egocentric nutcase), but…we all have skeletons hidden in our closet, no pun intented. 

So…thank you all and please don’t cry over this post, remember water-proof mascara is way too expensive and we all rather to go thrifting than buying make-up.

Rain can’t come here soon enough


Since it rained the other day I decided it’d be time for me to get me a couple pair of rain boots,- so I won’t die of hypothermia and bronchitis this winter-, but before going shopping I thought it’d be cool to gon online and find some inspiration on how to style them rain boots propperly and that’s when these lovely outfits popped up in my screen. 

As you can see rain boots and rain shoes do not have to be boring or hideous and you can actually style them on various ways going from cozy casual to fancy and trendy.

Denim Porn

I’m a huge fan of all things denim, to the point that I’m almost obssesed with this fabric, so, I decided to browse around the web for some eye candy and stumbled upon these beauties.

As you can see there are lots of fun options for us to wear denim every single day without looking like we are in a uniform. And even if you’re crafty you could take some ideas for your next DYI fashionista project. Enjoy!


Ever wished for a new wardrobe without breaking the bank? Well, savvy frugalistas around the world have found the answer: Swap Clothing Parties.

It’s really simple: 1. Raid your closet and pick those pieces that you no longer wear and that are still in good condition. Clothes, shoes, handbags, and accesories are great items to swap.


2. Call some fellow fashionistas and ask them to check their closets and jewelry boxes for treasures.


3. Convince one of your friends to let all of your group to gather at her place, or host it yourself. Trust me, the privacy of a house is required when you have a bunch of girls trying on clothes.


4. Negotiate. If you find an item that you want for yourself offer the owner one of your own. I, for example fell in love with these gorgeous sparkly flats at a swap clothing party on saturday and made the owner an offer, and now I get to enjoy them at work. (Bonus: they were brand new).


Special Thanks to Karol from www.lifeinplastik.blogspot.com for letting us all in her house. We felt welcome and had lots of fun.