The #WearingToday posts are back!, and today I’m happy to dedicate this space to something most of us love and dream about: yes! shoes. So let’s drool over the footwear  girls around the globe are gracing nowadays.

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… and myself www.twitter.com/DirtyLilStylist

Thanks for sharing ladies 🙂


Coming out of my shell


I’ve left the blog unattended for so long that I really felt like apologizing to everyone for being such a procastinator; but I also wanted to use this post as a thank you note to a group of amazing people that without them even knowing it have helped me to overcome some of my most recurring insecurities regarding my looks and have become my friends so, please pardon the display of mushiness ahead.

And here I go: Thank you Dianita for encouraging me to start this blog and for being such a great person, thanks a lot to Karol for being my sponsor and my shopping partner, thanks Monica for your patience and for always having been so nice to me, thanks Mynor for the style advice, the talks and the coffee, thank you Steph for showing that sweet, strong-willed girls still exist. Believe it or not I wouldn’t be posting pictures of myself if it weren’t for you all. I mean, for long enough I’ve felt like the ugly duckling, (I know! hard to believe when I come off as an extroverted egocentric nutcase), but…we all have skeletons hidden in our closet, no pun intented. 

So…thank you all and please don’t cry over this post, remember water-proof mascara is way too expensive and we all rather to go thrifting than buying make-up.