Ever wished for a new wardrobe without breaking the bank? Well, savvy frugalistas around the world have found the answer: Swap Clothing Parties.

It’s really simple: 1. Raid your closet and pick those pieces that you no longer wear and that are still in good condition. Clothes, shoes, handbags, and accesories are great items to swap.


2. Call some fellow fashionistas and ask them to check their closets and jewelry boxes for treasures.


3. Convince one of your friends to let all of your group to gather at her place, or host it yourself. Trust me, the privacy of a house is required when you have a bunch of girls trying on clothes.


4. Negotiate. If you find an item that you want for yourself offer the owner one of your own. I, for example fell in love with these gorgeous sparkly flats at a swap clothing party on saturday and made the owner an offer, and now I get to enjoy them at work. (Bonus: they were brand new).


Special Thanks to Karol from www.lifeinplastik.blogspot.com for letting us all in her house. We felt welcome and had lots of fun.


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